Course Open

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course open with 16 holes
16 temps at the moment update at 12pm
Buggies are allowed on course, please stick to fairways at all times
Please follow signs


1. General Rules
2. Gents
3. Ladies
4. Juniors
5. Seniors
6. Club Championships
7. World Handicapping System


1. General Rules


  • A current disc (indicating subs. paid) must be displayed on the course at all times.
  • Entry to any competition is restricted to members who have paid their current annual subscription.
  • Competitors in a club competition have precedence on the course and should be allowed to play through when convenient.
  • Local rules are displayed on the scorecards and the clubhouse notice board.  Any temporary local rule will be displayed at the professionals shop and on the clubhouse notice board.
  • Slow players should keep play moving by inviting following players to play through.  If a group falls behind by a clear hole, they must invite waiting players to play through – do not wait to be asked. Single players have the same rights as any other group on the course.
  • 5 ball groups are at the discretion of the Professional Monday to Friday. No 5 ball groups allowed Saturday or Sunday. Offending players should be reported for disciplinary action.
  • Do not play whilst players in front are in range.
  • Keep golf carts off tees and outside marked areas around greens.
  • Be careful not to damage the area around the hole.
  • After putting out, move off quickly to the next tee.Do not move, talk or stand close to or directly behind the ball or the hole when a player is making a stroke.

Smooth out any marks or footprints made in a bunker, repair pitch marks on greens and replace divots in the General Area.

For safety reasons, at no time play whilst green keeping staff are working within range, unless invited to play through.


All categories of member have full use of club lounge, bar, dining, toilet and parking facilities; may attend social events; invite guests and request use of these facilities for private functions.  Dress conventions should be observed (see notice board).  Guests should be signed in when alcoholic refreshment is taken.

Golfing Members

Ladies may play at any time unless the tee is reserved for men’s or juniors competitions.  Ladies arrange their own competitions with reserved tee times and have exclusive use of the Ladies lounge and locker room.

Police may play from Monday to Friday inclusive, but are not eligible for competitions.

Country and Overseas members are members now living far enough from the club to prevent frequent play. They have the same privileges as full playing members but are not eligible for the five major competitions or the club championships.

Juniors have their own competitions. Other restrictions and privileges are shown in the juniors section

Full Male Members (including those 65 and over and paying reduced fees) are eligible for all men’s competitions and may play at all times unless the tee has been reserved for other competitions. All golfing members may invite guests to play golf within current monthly limits and on payment of the appropriate fee.

5 Day Membership (ladies and gents)

There are no restrictions to the times that can be booked by 5-day members. These members are also eligible to play in midweek competitions. They are not eligible to play in any weekend competitions.

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2. Gents

Stroke Play competitions

Stroke play competitions are to be played from White tee markers.

Weekend medal competitions will commence at 7.30 am or 8am. Wednesday spoons and other midweek competitions will commence at 8.00 am. No play is allowed prior to medals or competitions. The last starting time for all competitions will be 6.00 pm or 3hrs 45 mins before sunset (if earlier)

Only two or three-ball matches are allowed in any spoon, medal or major competition.

All stroke competitions (including Bogey and Stableford) are “counting” competitions for handicap purposes. Scores will automatically be added to your handicap record, and may result in a change to your handicap index. See WHS section for further details.

The competition register must be “signed” before starting play in a stroke-play competition.

Each score card including “no returns” must show the competitors name, be checked and signed by the marker and player and then keyed into Competitors Computer System prior to being deposited in the competition results box and before leaving the Clubhouse at the end of a round. Failure to fulfil any of these requirements will result in disqualification.

In the event of a tie in any 18 Hole competition, results will be decided by the better inward half, last 6 holes, last 3 holes, or by any other method as the Competitions Committee may decide.

A tie in a 36 Hole competition will be decided by the best round, best second round and then as for 18 holes.

The tee will be closed for 12 minutes following the last tee off time, in all competitions.

Entry sheets (Gents)

For all weekend competitions an entry sheet will be available in the club lounge at on the Thursday either 9 or 10 days prior to the competition. On-line booking will be available from 6:30pm on the same night as the entry sheets are available.  For midweek competitions, entry is available 8 days prior to the day of play – including bookings for the Wednesdays of those competitions that are held over 2 days (Spring, Summer and Autumn competitions plus the August Stroke and the Bogey) at 6pm in the clubhouse or 6:30pm on-line. All booking dates are shown alongside the fixtures

For all other bookings including casual weekend bookings there is an 8 day pre booking available – from 6pm in the clubhouse and 6:30pm on-line. This applies for ladies and gents.

Match Play

Match play ties are to be played from the white tee markers

Hole and Hole Competition: The rules will be displayed on the notice board and all ties must be entered in the Tie Register. Members are expected to adhere to the stated timetable as extensions are unlikely to be granted.

Hole and Hole competitions for both singles and foursomes are run annually. Details of how to enter these competitions will be displayed on the notice boards.

The tee for club match play ties may be booked more than 8 days in advance, please ask in the pro shop if you need a time booked for a tie.

Stroke Allowance:

  • Singles  – Full Difference
  • Foursomes – Half aggregate difference

Additional competitions

Veterans Trophy: The Manson Trophy will be awarded to the competitor aged 65 years or over at the time of the Summer Competition, who has the best two handicap scores from the Summer, August Stroke and Autumn Competitions.

Major Aggregates: For the best two scores from the three major competitions (i.e. Spring, Summer and Autumn competitions) the RAMC Cup and Duncan Cup will be awarded to the scratch and handicap winners respectively.

Aggregate Medals: Club Medals will be awarded (scratch and handicap) for the best three scores from the six monthly medals (April to September).

In all of the above aggregate events, the best round will decide the winner in the event of a tie.

Competition Winner’s Play-off: All scratch and handicap winners of any Club competitions will be eligible to play in the Competition Winners’ Play-off for the Club Gold Medals.

Medal Final: Within the Competition Winners’ Play-off, the scratch and handicap winners for the six monthly medals will also compete for the appropriate Club Medals.

Additional Information

Team Matches: The tee will be closed 12 minutes before the first tee-off time off all team matches. The fixture page shows the times booked out to accommodate the team match.

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3. Ladies

All competitions are to be played from Red tee markers (Ladies).

Ladies weekend competitions will generally have 2 time blocks starting at approximately 10:30 and 13:30..

Ladies competition bookings. For all weekend competitions lady members can add their name to the draw sheet in the ladies locker room up until 6pm on the Wednesday prior to the competition weekend. At 6pm on the booking date (as shown on the fixture list) the entries will be closed and any unused times will be released.

Ladies Fixtures Information

Types of Competitions:

Stroke Play – Medals, Majors and some stand alone competitions. 7 Medals, 4 Majors.

Stableford (points system) and Bogey (each hole v par).

Medals in 2 divisions – Silver and Bronze. Other counting competitions, just one division. Silver is up to 20 course handicap (handicap index up to 18.5), Bronze 21 and above (handicap index 18.6 or higher)

Foursomes/Greensomes (Ladies and Mixed) – some qualify for participation in competitions against other clubs.

Knock Out – Hole n Hole/Summer Foursomes/Championship.

Spring Competition is qualifier for Championship.

Aggregate/Eclectic/Competition Winners Competitions.

Fun Competitions – Triam/Texas Scramble/Captains Prize.

Invitation Competitions (Ladies and Mixed).

Open Competitions.

Ladies competitions are generally held at the weekend. Further information on each competition is shown on the draw sheet.

Competitions against other clubs:

Friendly (handicap) and 5-a-side (scratch) matches.

Option to join Midlothian County Ladies Golf Association.

Morison Millar Foursomes Stroke Play. Played over 2 rounds. 4 players. Maximum 20 handicap. Held in July at different club each year.

Inter Club Foursomes Match Play. Knock out over 4 days. 4 players off scratch. Held in May at different club each year.


Ladies must submit 3 cards (or 6 if over 9 holes) in a season to obtain or maintain a handicap. Cards can be from counting competitions or general play scores. Player must attain a maximum course handicap of 41 (handicap index maximum 37.5) in order to play in competitions.

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4. Juniors

Junior playing and booking privileges unaccompanied by a full member are as follows.

Non-Medal play – Tee Times

April to October:

  • Midweek before 16.30 and after 18.00.  Between these times at the discretion of the Club professional. Juniors are not permitted to book times between 16.30 and 18.00.
  • Weekends – After 14.00

November to March:

  • Midweek before 16.30
  • Weekends – At the discretion of the Professional.


Midweek medals before 16.30

Weekend medals and major competitions: The booking sheet for gents is posted on the appropriate Tuesday or Thursday. Juniors can add their name to the entry sheet after 15.00hrs on the Saturday following, for any available times.

Hole & Hole Singles & Foursomes – Booking is at the discretion of the Professional.

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5. Seniors

The Gents senior section is open to club members who are aged 55 or over and not in full time employment.

The Section has a summer and winter sweep that plays every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Prizes are awarded on a daily basis. We also play a number of other competitions throughout the year, culminating in an end of season outing, at which there is an award ceremony with trophies and prizes available for individual winners and placements.


The Section also has friendly matches with Longniddry and Haddington Golf Clubs (home and away), plus an annual reciprocal friendly with Leven Golf Club.  These matches involve teams of 12 split into 6 pairs.

League Matches

We are also part of the Central and Lothian Retired Members League comprising of ten golf clubs.  These are West Linton, Falkirk, Falkirk Tryst, Stirling, Dunblane, Glenbervie,  Alloa, Buchanan Castle, Ratho Park and of course Newbattle Golf Club. These matches commence from April to August with a finals day competition in September hosted by one of the above clubs on a rotational basis.  These matches are also teams of 12 split into 6 pairs. Please note with friendlies and league matches they have the important extra social side with a meal at the end the event.

As we would like to attract new members to the Section who prefer to start later, the sweep is now open to any eligible club member who joins us and they can play at any time as long as they can email their total scores by 4.00pm on the day of play. If you are interested in joining us and/or taking part in any of the matches please get in touch with Jim Grahame or Gordon Trotter.

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6. Club Championships


Club Championship: Open to all full members, and junior members with a course handicap of 14 or less (Handicap index 12.7 or less). The 60 lowest scratch scores (and ties for 60th place) in the Summer Competition will be eligible to play in the 36 holes qualifying competition.  From this competition, the lowest 16 scratch scores will qualify for the match-play stages. Ties must be played on the dates and at the times as posted on the notice board.

The Club Championship 36-hole qualifier, if a tie, will be decided by a playoff.

‘A’ Class Championship: Open to all full and junior members (course handicap 6 to 12 – handicap index 4.9 to 10.9), at the time of the Summer Competition. The 16 lowest scratch scores from the Summer Competition will qualify for the match play stages. Ties must be played on the dates and times as posted on the notice board.

‘B’ Class Championship: Open to all full  members (course handicap 13 to 18 – handicap index 11.0 to 16.2) and junior members (course handicap 13 to 14 – handicap index 11.0 to 12.7), at the time of the Spring Competition.  The 16 lowest scratch scores in the Spring Competition will qualify for the match-play stages.  Ties must be played on the dates and at the times as posted on the Notice Board.

‘C’ Class Championship:  Open to full members with a course handicap of 19 or higher (handicap index 16.3 or higher) at the time of the Spring Competition.  The 16 lowest scratch scores will qualify for the match-play stages.  Ties must be played on the dates and at the times as posted on the Notice Board.

Seniors Championship: Open to full members aged 55 years or over at the time of the Spring Competition. The 16 lowest scratch scores will qualify for the match-play stages.  Ties must be played on the dates and times as posted on the Notice Board.


Club Championship: The 8 lowest scratch scores in the Spring Competition will qualify for the match-play stages, regardless of handicap. These are held on the Monday and Thursday evenings of Championship week. In the event of a lady qualifying, who is currently in the Bronze Division she can elect to play in the Bronze Championship instead. In that case, the next lowest scratch score will qualify.

Bronze Championship: Open to ladies with a course handicap of greater than 20 (Handicap index greater than 18.5). The 8 lowest scratch scores in the Spring Competition will qualify for the match-play stages, which are also held on the Monday and Thursday evenings of Championship week. In the event of a lady from the Bronze Division qualifying and electing to play in the Club Championship, the next lowest scratch score will qualify.


Club Chamionship: The 8 lowest scratch scores in the Spring competition will qualify for the match-play stages. Quarter and semi-final matches take place a couple of weeks prior to finals day, when the final takes place alongside all the other club finals. See fixtures page for details of the dates.

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7. World Handicapping System

With the introduction of the new world handicapping system (WHS) in November 2020 handicaps are now expressed as a handicap index (HI). This index is calculated as the average of your best 8 rounds from the past 20 counting rounds.

Counting rounds may be competitions or general play scores.

There are no automatic increases or decreases applied to your handicap index when a new round is added to your handicap record. Generally speaking, your index will be adjusted when a new round is posted for one of 2 reasons.

  1. Your newly posted score becomes one of your best 8; in which case the new score will replace the current highest score within your best 8. This will result in a downward revision of your HI.
  2. The newly posted score is not in your best 8 – but the current 20th score on your handicap record is one of your best 8. As the current 20th score becomes your 21st, it drops out of your handicap record and your next best score will become the 8th score used to calculate your HI.

It is possible that both of the above can happen at the same time.

Additional Adjustments may also be made for improved play, i.e. being 7 or strokes or more lower than the course index.

Your HI is not your playing handicap. Your playing handicap is calculated using a formula that takes into account the course “slope index”. All courses must display a set of look up tables that convert your HI into a playing handicap based on the slope index. Newbattle’s course handicaps and slope indexes are displayed on a panel at the pro-shop, or from the following link –

Course Handicap Table – Newbattle

The easiest way to keep up to date with your handicap is to login to the Scottish Golf (SG) website or download the SG app from the app store. The SG app has a handy course look-up feature that will show your playing handicap for any Scottish course.  You can also find a full list of the rules of the WHS at this site.

Handicap limits for Newbattle competitions

For the purpose of competition entries, where a handicap limit is set (e.g. the club championships) both the course (playing) handicap and the associated handicap index are shown.

General play Scores: Members are directed to the competition notice boards for the rules on how to submit scores from general play. Generally speaking there is no limit to the number of general play scores that can be entered, and such scores are actively encouraged under the world handicapping system.

 New Handicaps: To obtain a new handicap, 3 cards must be submitted.  Each card must note the tees used. The three cards may be from competitions or from general play rounds. Handicaps will be allocated in accordance with world handicap system rules.

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